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We are a professional sign installation company who have been trading for 16 years.  We are here for the long haul, and have sustained that due to our uncompromising work ethics. It is one thing to say you can do something, it is another to back it up like Pro Sign Services does. Our men are highly skilled tradesmen with years of industry experience who pride themselves on quality work. Over the years Pro Sign Services has gained a reputation for installing and maintaining high elevation skyline signage. ASB, Zurich, Deloitte, NZI, Ernst & Young, Lumley, AUT, PWC, Sky City, Tower, West Pac, Telecom, Geni, are but a few that have been erected by Pro Sign Services in the past. Please click around this site and you will see who we are and what we do. Our knowledge base is quite extensive, so we are pleased to offer free advice, please call should you have a question.  Digital photos are taken of every completed job and are filed away for future reference should they be required. 

  • ASB
  • DSC03993
  • DSC03238
  • Soverign
  • Otis Neon
  • dsc_1209
  • dsc_1222
  • DSC_6960
  • dsc02009
  • dsc02535
  • Eyelight
  • Gen-!
  • Uni Neon Sign
  • Vodafone
ASB1 DSC039932 DSC032383 Soverign4 Otis Neon5 dsc_12096 dsc_12227 DSC_69608 dsc020099 dsc0253510 Eyelight11 Gen-!12 Uni Neon Sign13 Vodafone14


















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